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  1. GTA V Steam Key Hints at PC Release - Hope springs eternal–in this case, the hope of thousands of fans that GTA V will be brought to the PC. Rumors abound, and listings pop up from time to time. This time, it’s a digital listing. Specifically, Steam keys are up for sale. Simplycdkeys even has a nice picture of the box art on the […]
  2. Will GTA V’s Next DLC Bring a Jetpack? - Ah, the jetpack. There isn’t a jetpack in GTA V, but that didn’t stop hundreds of people from looking for one, making up tales about where to find one, and generally believing a secret jetpack was somewhere in the game, and that they could find it if they just kept looking. Now, however, some people […]
  3. Fan Video Uses GTA V to Recreate The Phantom Pain Trailer - Fans have done some pretty creative things in GTA V, as we’ve shown in the past. Today we’ve got another interesting GTA V video to share. Youtube user EV niconico has used the game to create an imitation of the Red Band trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Check it out!
  4. Create the Best Capture Job, and You Could Win! - Well, it’s Friday, and if you’ve been keeping up with GTA Online news, you know what that means! You can now create your own Capture Jobs and upload them for other people to play. In fact, Rockstar has decided to extend the Double GTA$ and RP for Capture Jobs until April 20, so keep playing […]
  5. Romanian Retailer Lists PS4/X1 Versions of GTA V - Yes, we have yet another retailer listing the unannounced PS4 and Xbox One versions of GTA V. This time, it’s Altex, a large Romanian retailer. Both the PS4 version and the Xbox One version can be found on the website with an estimated release date of June 15…2015. If this is accurate, GTA V won’t […]

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